I’m so grateful for my new office chair that I got from my kind friend @electriclinda.life ❣️ This is something I’ve been thinking of for a while, and suddenly I received this gift. I used to sit on a wood chair that gave me back pain which was not good for me. This new chair gives my back better support and makes my work done much easier. So thank you. 
Today the last podcast before the holiday is out. I’ve been talking to @oslorodekors that runs a health center for immigrants, in cooperation with @kirkensbymisjon. Their work is so important, but shouldn’t be necessary if the healthcare approached all humans equally. It’s many reasons to this and one of them is rules that perceives differently. The government need to take action and make this correct. Health professionals should be allowed to give healthcare based on needs and not immigration politics. You can sign on this at papirlose.org. Together we can make a change. 
Next episode of @heltmental will come the 7 of August. In the meantime have a great summer and take care of the people around you ♥️

I’m so grateful for my...

Dear Emma. I can’t see you anymore, touch you or hug you.. But the memories will always stay and put a smile on my face 🥰 I’m so grateful for everyday, every hour and every minute I had with you, Emma. We had such a great adventure together and I know you enjoyed those years with me. 
It gives me peace to know that you are in a better place now. I’m mostly happy and my life goes on. New routines have started and I’m excited for the next chapter in my life. I’m stronger then ever and ready for new challenges. The law of attraction is my path and for everyday it’s becoming more natural and a way of living. 📷 by @electriclinda.life

Dear Emma. I can’t see...

Monday mood 🔛🐌 I’m starting the week with many tasks, but my back is giving me a slow start. This is not gonna stop me, even though it’s gonna take a bit longer time to finish them. Don’t let the pain take over. Accept it and do what you can manage. I wish you all a happy start of the week. Do what you love and believe in yourself 🦋 Life is magic. What are you up for this Monday? 📷 taken and edited by @electriclinda.life Thank you babe, for a cool and funny capture 💫

Monday mood 🔛🐌 I’m starting...

Thank you for all your support and fine words. I am so grateful for all the greetings, pictures, memories and support for my difficult choice. Emma had a safe and nice ending at my home. I couldn't have asked for better veterinarians who came here during this difficult time. Thank you so much for making the last time so safe, nice and as normal as possible for both Emma and me. It is incredibly strange and sad not to have her with me anymore. Over time, it will improve, and she will always live on in my heart. There are so many memories I bring with me that gives me joy and laughter. Such memories are important to think about, and not least be grateful for. One just gets stronger and more experienced by experiencing grief and pain. This is yet another thing I take with me on the road of life, and retains the "backpack" with a lifted head. I will accept the sorrow, but not let it be the power of my way of thinking. Life goes on ❣️ 📷 by my beauty @electriclinda.life

Thank you for all your...

Today my beautiful girl, Emma left to a peaceful place. She had 13 good years which 12 of them was with me. I’m so honored to have you in my life. We’ve been experiencing so much together, and you’ve always been a rock to me. Your positivity has been a blessing and your weird and funny personality has made everyday unique. Your last days have been a struggle and it was time for you to leave that and find peace. It’s a hard choice to make, but it was the best for you. The thought of seeing you suffer was not an option. I know you will find peace and happiness now. My dearest Emma I will miss you so much. You will always be in my heart and I hope I’ve made your life the best you could have. It will be an emptiness that will be hard to overcome. But I know I will manage. I will manage for you and for myself. A wise person told me once; with love sorrow always follow. That’s just the way it is. And it makes us stronger, it makes us human and teach us to never give up. Cause love is the strongest power of all. 
Take care my baby. Thank you for making these 12 years so awesome! Thank you for putting up with me in all my feelings. Thank you for saving my life and make it meaningful. You will be missed. I love you so so much ❣️ Rest In Peace 🙏

Today my beautiful girl, Emma...

My precious little baby who I love so, so much, is going through a hard time now. She’s almost 13 years old, been with me 12 of them. We have lived in Rome together, different places in Norway, and had so much fun! She’s been the rock of my life and given me more then I could ask for. But now it’s time for me to make a choice that will be the most difficult one till now. Although she’s been struggling with different diseases, she’s been doing great with medicine and surgeries. But now it seems like it’s not working for her anymore, and everyday is a struggle. Mostly for her, but for me as well. Its hard to see your baby struggle and have pain. And the time has come to make a choice. To let her go and be peaceful or to continue struggling to something that may not help and just be more painful? I want to dedicate this day and my time to Emma. I will make your days with me as good as possible and make sure that you are safe and as happy as you can be. I don’t think I will be so much on social media’s these days, because I want to focus all my energy to this beautiful dog! So until next time, take care of the loved one around you, because you never know when it’s gone. Lots of love from Emma and me ♥️

My precious little baby who...

Happy Sunday! A nice memory of my older cousin and me back in 1988. Time flies 😅⏳

Happy Sunday! A nice memory...

“One of the biggest mistakes we make is assuming that other people think the way we think.” 🤔⚡️ 📷 by my wonderwoman @electriclinda.life 
Vote for @electriclinda.life in the #inkedcovergirl2019 contest. Link in her bio ⚡️

“One of the biggest mistakes...

“Don´t give up. There is no such thing as an ending. Just a new beginning.” ✨❣️

“Don´t give up. There is...

Being aunt to this beautiful girl is a blessing. I’m so proud of my sister and her husband that are such loving, good parents ❣️

Being aunt to this beautiful...

Mote og trender

Motemessen i København – ny inspirasjon.

Jeg var så heldig å få være med min venninne til København for å utforske motemessen der. Jeg har tidligere opplevd dette i Oslo, men aldri i København før. Det var tre intense dager med mange nye inntrykk og opplevelser. Her var det en herlig miks av ulike mennesker som ikke var redde for å skille seg ut eller å være seg selv.




Mote for enhver smak.

Bortsett fra at det var utholdelig varmt inne på messen, fikk jeg sett veldig mye forskjellig. Det bugnet av ulike stander med alt fra kles steamere til latex jakker med pels. Her var det noe for enhver smak. Mote er så mangt og godt er det. Dog mange går kledd i samme stil, er det alltid noen som tørr å være litt annerledes.


Nå er de tilbake!!! Da jeg var tenåring elsket jeg Buffalosko. Jeg gikk ikke med annet, og hadde de i alle ulike farger og høyder. Om jeg kommer til å kjøpe meg et nytt par denne gangen er noe usikkert, men gøy er det å se trendene komme igjen og igjen…

Den vakre Elin, designeren i Stylein.

Stylein – en drøm fra Sverige.

Stylein er et svensk mote merke som ble grunnlagt i 2001 av designeren Elin Alemdar. Stylein kombinerer et tidløst og moderne designuttrykk som skaper mote for alle tilfeller. Skandinavisk minimalisme, høy kaviltet på materialvalg og god passform er det som kjennetegner merket.

Musikken som DJen leverte gav en god vibe under messen.

Vil du lese mer om mote . trykk her.

Har du spørsmål, så still dem gjerne her. Takk for at du besøkte bloggen min i dag. Med ønske om en fin dag videre. Ta vare på hverandre.

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Mote og trender

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