The last day of the @iwakening_training bootcamp ✨ Yesterday I felt really happy and strong. Suddenly at the end of the day, I just started crying and my ego self started to take control. I tried to tell myself that my thoughts were playing with me, but the sadness wouldn’t let go. Even though I embraced the feelings and tried to let it flow through me, it wouldn’t pass. Maybe my body and mind was so tired and wanted to escape, or this feelings had to come out so I could see the bigger picture. When I went home I felt better and managed to calm down. Today I’m more aware of what’s going on, but still there is a small struggle inside of me. I know this ego me is trying to hold me back, but I’m aware of this and that’s the beginning of my iWakening journey. I’m grateful that this journey is a struggle because it shows that I’m truly committed and open. Yes, it’s hard, but to work with yourself is difficult and challenging in any areas you do it. I choose to be open about this because I really believe in this process, and hopefully this can affect some curiosity to others. From the bottom of my heart I truly recommend this iWakening training to everyone. It’s gonna change your life to a better you, and make you connected to your true self.  Love 💕

The last day of the...

Day 2 of iWakening bootcamp ✌️ Yesterday was so amazing. Even though it lasted for 12 hours, it felt shorter. I realized my core trauma and why my ego me was still a pattern in my life. It opened up my soul and the beginning of my true self. I’m so grateful for this journey and all the people who is involved. Can’t wait for what’s coming today and be even more connected to my soul. My energy was so high last night, which is unbelievable considering all the hours and commitment I went through. It was an amazing feeling. Thank you @samaya_behrens and @iwakening_training .Stay tuned for more updates. Love 💞

Day 2 of iWakening bootcamp...

I’m so excited for my first day of the iWakening spiritual bootcamp. My mind, heart and body is open to take in all the tools to become a better version of me. I believe that the more open you are, more light will come and the energy will grow, and you will feel more flow. I can’t wait to share this journey with you. I will keep you updated and tell you the changes I feel in this process. In the meantime have a super Friday morning, and I’m so thankful for each and everyone of you that follows me in my everyday life 💕🦋🙏🏻

I’m so excited for my...

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the 3 - day iWakening spiritual bootcamp this weekend, and to be trained by world class energy alignment coach and life force awakening yoga teacher, @samaya_behrens . 
This will give me tools on a journey towards self - love and happiness, and to become the best version of myself. I will keep you updated these days, and give you a sneak peak of my journey. If you have any questions please DM me 😍 I wish you all an amazing day. Love 💕

I’m so grateful for the...

Happy birthday, Emma 💕 You are missed, but you will always live in my heart. Hope you have an amazing birthday party with your friends and that all your pain is gone now. Salute for you my dear, auguri 💫🎈🎊

Happy birthday, Emma 💕 You...

It’s my B-day 💃🎂🎈 Such a beautiful day to be thankful and celebrate. I wish you all an awesome Monday 🦋

It’s my B-day 💃🎂🎈 Such...

"Time makes you bolder" 
Boom, it’s Saturday 💥 📷 by

"Time makes you bolder" Boom,...

It’s Friday and my flow has started early 🍀☕️ The morning routine is done and I’m thankful for a new day filled with good vibes. I always start the day early, writing down what I’m thankful for. Then I do my yoga which wake up my body and mind. So a cup of coffee and a shower. A bowl of yogurt filled with fruits and granola gives me energy to start working.  What’s your morning routine? 🧚🏽‍♀️

It’s Friday and my flow...

I am so thankful to have been a part of the @iwakening_training. When i came to this 4 hours session I already felt more connected and in control of my life. At the same time this is a long process which I knew needed more understanding and hard work to accomplish. The tools that @samaya_behrens showed me is so valuable and something I will bring to my everyday life. In the beginning I was nervous and felt anxious, but at some point my body released this feelings and embraced the now. The safe environment let me unleash the pain and sorrow I had inside, caused by different trauma from the childhood and later on in my life. I started crying and let it all out. This was such a great feeling and something that needed to come out and be accepted. The result was releasing and a deeper connection to move forward. Thank you for giving me more understanding of my body, brain and heart. I will continue this journey with the iWakening team and Samaya. I truly recommend this to everyone. You will not regret understanding more of yourself and becoming the best version of you ♥️ 📷 by

I am so thankful to...

Today I’m preparing myself for the self-love talk & heart opening training. This is organized by @iwakening_training team on behalf of @samaya_behrens . It’s an introduction workshop from Samaya’s transformative “spiritual gym”, where you break through what is holding you back in life, awaken, heal and align with your fullest potential and highest purpose. You will learn how to build strong physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ‘muscles’ necessary to successfully manifest flow of health, wealth, healthy relationships and abundance on every level of your life. 
I’m so excited to join this training and experience new techniques to take with me on the journey of life ❣️ 📷 by

Today I’m preparing myself for...

Premiere på dokumentaren – Livet med ME

I dag er første episode av «Livet med ME – Vi tester medisinsk laserbehandling» ute på Min YouTube kanal.

I denne episoden møter dere Eline som har levd med ME i 7 år. Nå skal hun teste medisinsk laserbehandling for å se om dette kan hjelpe kroppen hennes til å bli bedre. Click To Tweet

Hvordan vil kroppen reagere, og vil dette kunne hjelpe Eline tilbake til livet? Det er Synnøve Eliassen ved Oslo laserklinikk, avdeling Hamar som utfører behandlingen.

Dere kan lese mer om hvordan medisinsk laserbehandling fungerer her.

Liker du innlegget? Pin gjerne bilde til Pinterest ↓↓↓

Pinitmedisinsk laserbehandling

Se hva som skjer…

Det har vært utrolig gøy å lage denne videoen, og jeg gleder meg til fortsettelsen. I første episode ser dere mye av laserbehandlingen hvor Synnøve forklarer en del underveis. Dere vil etterhvert se flere reaksjoner både fra Eline etter behandling, men også fra familie og venner. Hva tenker de om en slik behandling, og har de troen?

Følg med på denne reisen fremover. Det kommer ut EN episode hver torsdag. Hør Eline sin historie om ME på Podcasten – Helt Mental. Den finnes på Spotify, Podbean, Podcastappen og iTunes. Den kommer onsdag 23 januar.

Har du spørsmål, så still dem gjerne her. Takk for at du besøkte bloggen min i dag. Med ønske om en fin dag videre. Ta vare på hverandre.

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YouTube debut
Premiere på dokumentaren – Livet med ME

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