1:1 Session

Do you want to feel seen and heard by someone with long experience with both their own and others challenges? Do you feel that you need a new perspective and a clear path forward? I offer 1:1 sessions where I provide help, advice, support and motivation. I am a pedagogic but most of all a person with experience. I invite you to a safe room where you will be greeted with empathy and understanding.

I myself have taken the long road through openness, understanding, strategies and prosperity. And I have witnessed the travel of many others. Although my greatest passion is helping others, it doesn’t necessarily mean I can help you with everything. Therefore I collaborate with great professionals if it turns out to be needed. 

Can you relate to this?
Then maybe I can help you

What you can expect

Safe conversations

I offer a safe room so you can open up with your innermost thoughts and feelings. I will meet you with love and understanding, so that shame will no longer block your progress. With me, you will be respected, heard and seen – no matter what you say or how you tell it. Openness is value, vulnerability is strength and asking for help is a victory. You can also be assured that everything that happens in this space, is only between you and me. 


One of the most difficult things that exists is to see oneself and all the factors that affect one as a human being. I will help you to see the whole picture, and then prioritize what you should focus on. Which areas need immediate attention? Together we can look for reasons that provide more answers to the steps forward. First its about establishing clairvoyance, then we take hold on what no longer serves you. Then we can look at short and longterm measures, that together become a journey towards more of the good, and less of the bad.


Clairvoyance has little value without strategies. With a mix of sub goals, long term goals and process goals, the path becomes much easier. We are different people with different stories, and therefore we need different tolls and strategies to develop ourselves. Each step in the process is adapted to you as a unique person. Its about seeing how everything in your life affects you, and how your own interaction between head, body and heart should be coordinated. 

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